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  • We help B2B cold emailers succeed massively with idiot-proof UI and amazing service.

  • Avoid losing to the spam folder and always reach the right decision-makers.

Never miss your
prospects' attention

The #1 solution for cold senders worldwide - recommended by top publications in the industry.

#1 Prospecting Engine

Discover new customers who otherwise would never open your emails.

Prospect Open-Rate Tracking

Track the performance of your cold email campaigns with dummy-easy dashboards.

Growth Focused Forms

Incentivize and reward customers with intent-based forms.

Precise prospect data sourcing

Target and convert only the highest-quality prospects using our network of list-provider partners.

More than 65,000 users around the world have used SendHive to send cold emails


Active world-wide customers
using the #1 cold-email engine.


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Effortless website integration

Supercharge cold-prospecting growth

  • With our pre-warmed server hooked to your sending software or our user-friendly UI, you hit the inbox and generate new customers immediately.

  • Get the best content templates for the best messaging to psychologically convert your audience.

  • Don't ever let your cold email list go to waste ever again!

Cold Sender Superpowers To Bring You Fast Growth

Most platforms focus just on automation, we focus maniacally on helping you accelerate your KPIs and northstar metric.

Pre-warmed Sending Domains

We give the finest IP pools and pre-warmed sending domains. Unparalleled deliverability.

Unrestricted sending

Send as much or as little as you wish, as long as you stay mindful of complaint rates; we never judge content and only help!

Newsletter Reply Analytics

See precise analytics on people who reply to your emails ranging from out-of-office to those needing support.

1-on-1 Mentoring

We pair you with mentors, not just support, who will deeply understand your business and KPIs to help advise your growth.

A Network of Valuable Intros

We'll connect you with the right people who can grow your business, whether that's a blogger or a potential investor.

Custom Features On-demand

Need a certain integration? Need a custom feature? No problem! We'll get it done as rapidly as we can as your "email marketing stack" partner.

Growth Optimized

More cold inboxing
with less effort

  • Maintain the inbox while having the most successful cold-outbound campaign you've likely ever witnessed! We take care of the deliverability, you watch the customers roll in.

  • Take prospecting to a new level with our pre-approved prospecting list partners network.

  • Grow your customer base 10X faster via cold email outreach that actually floods you with replies.

Email Campaign Studio

Create beautiful email campaigns with our email campaign creation studio. Easy to use drap-and-drop features makes email template design a breeze.

Customer Journey Tracking
  • Track the journeys of your customers and build automations that specifically match their patterns on your cold email campaigns.

  • Optimize campaigns for growth and nurturing in just one simple click.

Growth Engine

Nail your cold-email campaigns
with results that will dazzle your company and even industry.

  • Free 7 day trial

  • Exclusive Support

Stories From Our Customers

These guys are using SendHive to send cold emails and they are massively growing their prospecting base, faster than ever.

Manage Everything in One Place
  • Grow your cold email list with our Growth Engine.

  • Assign new incoming prospects to automated sequences.

  • Build out new flows for advanced segmentation.

  • Automatically score cold leads through engagement tracking.


Got Questions? We have answers!

Get answers to common questions about our platform.

Can I see SendHive in action before purchasing?

Absolutely! Sign up for a free trial and get started with SendHive today.

Can you actually inbox my cold emails without me having to do any warming myself?

Yes we do! Our transactional network sends up to millions of password resets and system notifications daily. This activity creates authentic human-powered engagement that ensures our IPs and servers are super warm with amazing reputation to help deliver your cold emails.

Do you have auto-responders and drip campaigns?

We do have auto-responders and drip campaigns that give you the ability to send emails based on events such as opens/clicks/responses. Get the most out of your email campaigns.

Do you have a free trial?

We sure do! Get started with sending today and get the most out of your email marketing!

How does SendHive compare to other cold marketing providers?

We are the only cold email platform that gives you Google-compliant human-warmed servers along with an idiot-proof UI and superior service to help you hit not only great deliverability but also killer sales results. Compare the results and you'll see for yourself.

What types of emails can I send on SendHive?

You can send any types of emails that you like. We are solely focused on your open-rates and spam complaints. As long as you are within reasonable limits, we will be happy to work with your marketing or transactional emails.

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